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Botox is the name given to the general use of botulinum toxin. Botulinum toxin injection for treatment of facial wrinkles is one of the most…

GENITAL AESTHETICS – Vaginoplasty is a procedure designed to tighten the vagina. The goal of the procedure is to give a woman better strength or…

After the mask, the pores in the skin are tightened with tonic application. In the final stage, moisturizing cream is light massaged to the skin and the procedure is completed.

The unwanted hair in the body is an aesthetic problem for both women and men.The cause of excessive hair growth may be hereditary, hormonal or various drugs used. In order to get rid of unwanted hair, wax, razor,

Hymen repair is often performed under local anaesthetic with sedation, but can also be performed under general anaesthetic if a patient prefers. The procedure takes approximately 30- 45 minutes.

Also known as regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy is a process of tissue regeneration. Stem cells can be transformed into all cells in the body. The plasma from human blood is injected into the skin.

Sclerotherapy: It is used for varicose veins with diameters between 1 and 5mm. Today, it is a classic treatment method. A capillary needle is injected into the veins, an adhesive substance