Face and Neck Lift

Lifting, also called lifting, is the name given to procedures for correcting sagging skin in advanced age. The most common facial and neck stretching procedures are the signs of aging, skin sagging and relaxation. Traces of the incision are made by hiding the ears and hair scalp. 
Estekik surgeon can also apply liposuction on the neck, chin and cheeks, which are localized to the skin, while keeping the facial expression intact during the operation. 
Face and neck stretching can take up to 2-4 hours and the patient is advised to spend the first night in the hospital.
A prominent edema that may occur in the first days and bruises in the neck and chin area are normal and should not be worried. The pain and pain that can be heard in the back of the ear and in the neck area are relieved by the painkillers that the doctor suggests. It will disappear within 10-15 days as bruises and edema oartalama. At the end of the first month, the swellings disappear completely. The ears recover their normal sensitivities within a month or two. The wounds are usually hidden behind the hair. A small scar that appears slightly in front of the ear may be temporarily masked by the hairstyle or make-up.