The unwanted hair in the body is an aesthetic problem for both women and men.The cause of excessive hair growth may be hereditary, hormonal or various drugs used. In order to get rid of unwanted hair, wax, razor, rope, tweezers and chemical depilators do not provide permanent solution. In laser hair removal, the principle is to convert the color matter called melanin, which is located in the hair follicle, into heat under laser light. Then, with the resulting heat energy to destroy the hair follicle. HOW TO APPLY LASER EPILATION? Laser hair removal process and people who wear, must always wear safety glasses during the process. The rays applied to the skin are held by the substance in the structure of the hair and named as melanin, which gives black color. The retained light energy is converted into heat energy in the hair. The heat transmitted to the hair root destroys the hair root in a millisecond time. At this time, a slight needle sinking is felt, while the air and contact cooling provided by the device during the operation will protect the skin, reducing the pain and side effects. Redness and edema are observed even during cooling. AFTER LASER EPILATION Moisturizing the area after the treatment with moisturizers also helps the skin to recover. Very hot water should not be applied for the first 24 hours after laser epilation. After application should not sunbathe and should not enter the solarium for 15 days. If laser hair removal is applied to exposed skin areas such as face, sunscreen should be used in sunny weather until the next session.