Ear Aesthetics

The shape distortion, which is referred to as a scoop ear, is very common but not abnormal. Although it does not cause functional hearing disorders, it is desirable to correct only because of aesthetic concerns.
Surgical intervention is performed in several stages and lasts up to 1 hour. An incision is opened behind the ear at the natural floor and the scar is almost obscured. The cartilaginous structure is revealed by stripping the drill and reshaped by the surgeon. If necessary, a reduction in the size of the ear can be achieved. The retroauricular angle is adjusted closer to the ear skull. Perfect symmetry and good harmony with the face is very important.
Elastic bands are placed around the head to protect the ears. It is normal to see edema and bruises that will disappear within the post-operative 2,3. Sensitivity to the ears will disappear in a short time. No hearing loss. It is recommended that the first week of work is not observed and the first month avoid heavy physical activities.