Also known as regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy is a process of tissue regeneration. Stem cells can be transformed into all cells in the body. The plasma from human blood is injected into the skin. Stem cells here again turn to the skin cells responsible for the production of fibroblasts and fat cells to re-skin production, in this sense, a more advantageous and faster results than classical PRP is a method. Thus, in a short period of time, the skin gets a much fresher and younger look (Ultra Baby face) .This method can also be applied to the neck and scalp, hairloss is stopped and new hair production starts. This process is repeated 3 times with 7 days intervals and is recommended every year. A new skin is stimulated at the end of each session. With this method, the blood material obtained from the patient’s own blood and prepared by the tissue engineering method is injected onto the areas with deep wrinkles and loss of volume that go through the loss of the tissue, and the fat cell production is started.