Skin care is the practice of regulating the biological pH balance of the skin, ensuring the clearance and tightening of the pores, and training the people on this subject in order to minimize the damage caused by external factors. The main purpose is to clean the skin and purify the damage caused by the environment and give the skin a healthy and radiant appearance. HOW TO MAKE SKIN CARE? Before beginning skin care, the person is analyzed by a trained esthetician by examining the skin. The loop in the skin care device allows you to examine the skin more closely while doing the job. As a result of the examination, the skin type of the person is determined and the skin type products are determined and the skin care process is started. WHAT ARE THE PHASES OF SKIN CARE? It is started by cleaning the skin. Skin peeling is applied to remove dead cells in the skin. Steam is applied to the skin for a while to open the pores. After the skin softens and the pores are opened, the comedones in the skin are cleaned with black spot vacuum or trichomedone. The suitable serum and ampoule for the skin type are fed to the skin with iontopheresis. Then the mask application is applied and the mask is applied to the skin type as a thin layer. The mask is cleaned after waiting for 10-15 minutes.After the mask, the pores in the skin are tightened with tonic application. In the final stage, moisturizing cream is light massaged to the skin and the procedure is completed.