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Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases

Ear, nose, throat and head and neck related to all the medical procedures are examined. In our hospital, visual inspection and ENT surgeries can be performed with the endovision system. Microscopy and diagnostic systems are used in the examination of patients who apply to outpatient clinics and endoscopic images are followed up.

Diagnosis and Treatment Services

  • Endoscopic (Visual Inspection)
  • Hearing Losses
  • Ear Infections
  • Balance Diseases
  • Dizziness
  • Nasal Allergies
  • Deodorization Disorders
  • Nasal Bleeding
  • Throat Diseases such as Reflux
  • Functional Nose Aesthetics
  • All Nasal And Sinocyte Surgery
  • Sinosome Surgery With Closed Methods
  • Radiofrequency Nasal Shrinkage.
  • Radiofrequency Snoring Surgery
  • Tonsil, Geniz Eti, Ear Tube Insertion
  • Operations of Inborn and Operative Neck Masses and Tumors
  • Audio Wire Surgery
  • Ear Surgery
  • Auricular Surgery


Nose; Septoplasty   (Devulation): The most important reason preventing the breathing is the curvature in the nasal cavity called septum. Rarely, some babies are born with septum deviation due to the curve development of the septum in the womb. Sometimes the septum bends during the passage of the baby through the birth canal. Childhood and adult bumps, falls, sports injuries, traffic accidents can also lead to septum deviation. Surgical correction is called septoplasty. Both local and general anesthesia is performed. After the surgery performed in the nostrils, necessary corrections are made with the invisible incisions.
my turbinectomy (Partial, Total): Taking the nose of the nose usually does not prevent breathing in the lower nose of the meat allergy, air pollution, smoking and expand due to reasons such as. Endoscopic procedure is the process of getting sick nose that causes nasal obstruction.
Polypectomy  (Endoscopic): Nasal mucosal allergy-related formation. Endoscopic surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia. If the patient is allergic, they tend to recur even if they are well cleaned.
Sinus; FESS : Surgical procedures are performed in chronic sinusitis cases that do not produce results despite drug treatments. Contraction and congestion in the sinus canals and nasal cavities are eliminated by ”endoscopic method arak and sinus aeration and drainage suitable for physiology are provided. Without harming any intact tissue, only the lesions that cause the disease are removed and treated.
Throat; adenoidectomy (Flesh): Enlarged Nasal flesh clogs the Eustachian tube, which connects the middle ear to the back of the throat, causing the middle ear to fill with liquid and hence hearing loss. In cases of frequent recurrent otitis media, sinusitis due to nasal congestion should be taken in the nasal passages for frequent repetitive vocal cords for breathing through the mouth. It is a simple operation without any risk.
Ventilating tube : Due to the negative pressure in the joint, fluid exudates from the mucous membranes and this causes recurrent otitis attacks and hearing loss. In this case, the ventilation tubes are placed on the eardrum to equalize the middle ear pressure. After 5-6 months, these tubes are spontaneously ejected on the eardrum side.
Tonsillectomy Tonsils are a lymph gland located on either side of the posterior oral cavity. Abundant tonsillitis episodes more than five times a year, abscess behind tonsils, bad tonsils, bad halitosis, beta hemolytic streptococcal infection (beta microbe) acute joint rheumatism, kidney inflammation, in case of complications such as rheumatic rheumatism they have become. In this case, tonsil surgery should be decided. In addition, other lymph nodes in the throat, called the valdeyer ring, can easily fulfill their duty of protection. Tonsillectomy can be performed at any age and every season. Only children under three years of age need a better and careful clinical examination.
Snoring Surgery (UPPP): As a result of overgrowth and relaxation of the tonsils and surrounding tissues, the distance between the wall forming the throat called pharynx narrows and the back of the tongue narrows. With UPPP surgery, the tonsils are removed with the loosened tissues and the distance between the back of the tongue and the throat wall is widened.
Ear; Hole ear membrane surgery  (Miringoplasty): Generally, a hole may form on the eardrum due to trauma or infection. Non-self-closing hole in 3-4 weeks under general anesthesia is tried to be closed by surgery called miringopasti
Chronic otitis media surgery (Tympanoplasty, Mastoidectomy): Chronic middle ear inflammation characterized by hearing loss, ear discharge and occasional ear pain is treated under general anesthesia and using a microscope if it does not respond to medication.