Hasanpaşa Mh. Mirim Çelebi Sk.No:1 Kadıköy/İSTANBUL


Purpose of Human Resources

In accordance with the mission and vision of the Private Çağıner Hospital, it is necessary to realize the qualified manpower intake. is to increase satisfaction by using human resources tools such as remuneration, performance evaluation, career planning, training and so on. Private Çağıner Hospital aims to achieve an efficient and efficient working output in its policies from the right business, right time and right place principles.

Recruitment Process

Private Çağıner Hospital Communication Coordinator primarily evaluates applications for open positions.

Candidates who have qualifications required by open position are invited to pre-interview. In the second stage, the candidate who is interviewed is directed to the relevant department to discuss the details of the professional competencies in case the competency related to the position is deemed appropriate. In the final stage, if the candidate is evaluated last time, the candidate is offered a job.

All applications are evaluated on a confidential basis. Being form filled does not undertake any commitment of our institution.

To apply for job applications to our hospital;

You can come to our hospital personally and fill out the application form.