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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is a health discipline that addresses the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of obstacles affecting the neurological, musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems of a person.

In other words, physiotherapy refers to functional limitations caused by injuries and diseases affecting muscles, joints and bones as well as neurological (brain, nerves, spinal cord), respiratory (lungs), and circulatory (vascular) systems.

In our Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, helping to regain the maximum physical skills of the person. To achieve this, physiotherapists use a variety of treatment methods, such as manual techniques, exercises, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, and thermotherapy (ice or heat).

These interventions, based on the logic of self-empowerment of the patient, aim to improve the quality of life by enabling the person to return to their daily living activities, a hobby or the physical skills required for the sport.