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Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition is essential to sustain life. However, unconscious nutrition can cause
illnesses, injuries and even premature deaths. In order to avoid such situations,
it is necessary to learn healthy nutrition. In our polyclinic, nutrition and dietetic
studies are carried out together with the consultant physicians. In our
outpatient unit, our dietician controls the preparation of the most suitable
meals for our inpatients. In addition, according to the person, nutrition and
diet department after the necessary examinations, taking into account the
work and social conditions, a personalized healthy diet program is prepared.
Diagnosis and Treatment Services
Obtaining the Nutrition Story of Clients
Teaching Healthy and Balanced Nutrition
Replacing false Nutrition Behaviors
Organizing a Diet List for Individuals Suitable for Nutritional Habits and
Personal Characteristics.
Special programs for children in growth and development
Special nutrition programs for patients with stomach and intestine problems
Weight gain programs for people suffering from extreme weakness